Monday, July 11, 2011

End of Level 1- Genoise Exam

 We actually finished class an hour early the day before exam day and I got to practice my genoise for the exam! It came out sooo nice! Look at that height~ I was one proud mama *beams*

 Here's rose practice for the exam~

 Piping practice for the exam~ 

 Hehe... A special little treat for those close to me and know what this means!

I love me lace!

 My actual day Genoise~~~ Not too bad! Got about 2.5" height on it~

 Sliced into 3 equal segments, each layer is soaked with simple syrup and sandwiches raspberry jam... It is then covered in buttercream frosting and rosettes are piped on top and toasted almonds are added round the base

 We were also tested on marzipan roses... We only had to make one but I did 2... I also coloured mine, which started off everyone else doing the same. They weren't particularly pretty but were the best I could do being next to the ovens that were melting them as I was making them...

 We were also tested on our piping skills... here we have royal icing on a marzipan plaque

Overall, I loved Level 1 and can't believe its over so soon! I am pleased to also announce that I did really well the past couple exams!! Gonna continue to work hard to keep it that way~

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