Monday, July 11, 2011

Breads Part Deux~~~

Oh yes. Its once again bread time. Get ready people its going to be a delicious ride.

Here I am with my olive bread~ We all look androgynous in our chef's uniforms~ Yuck.

 The dough contains herbs de Provence... beautifully scented and I do believe I saw lavender in there too~ Make sure to tuck in all olives to prevent them from burning~ Tradition also has it to slit the tops of breads to let the evil spirits out... I think that evil is the call of the carb to "eat me"

 Mmmm crusty goodness even on the bottom.

 Isn't it preeetty? It poofed up much larger than I had anticipated~

You can almost hear the hollow taps on the crust can't you? *tap tap*

 *salty deliciousness*

 Petits Pains

 Crusty little rolls... soooo good.

 We made dough ahead of time and retarded it in the fridge... and look at that yeast action go~~~ Oh the smell that was emitted once that pillow was popped... yuck. But we then transform that stinky sticky mess into Danish
 Apricot danish with almond cream

This was supposed to be an everything bagel... It lost its hole~ But still tasty nonetheless!

 Pinch in dough from all sides

 Make it nice and smooth.... like a baby's bottom *pat pat*

 Poke a hole through the middle

 Grab it

 My technique is to swing it round my finger

 Makes for an even hole... only problem is... the holes were too small!

 Here I made a cinnamon-sour cherry bagel. So good.

 They went swimming in a malt solution for a minute

 Then were literally rolled in everything

 Or left plain

 And then baked! They sure did puff up!

Isn't it cute though! This way, the cream cheese doesn't have a place to escape...

With that folks, you are all caught up! Hope you enjoyed the latest updates, more to come! Tomorrow we're making baguettes. Can't wait!!!

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