Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mr. Chocolate

Thursday was Jacques Torres Day. My second time meeting Mr. Chocolate himself, and dean of Pastry here at the FCI~ He did a chocolate demo in school and what an experience it was.

My the French have their minds perpetually in the gutter- that's why I love em'~ Plus there was glitter, chocolate sculptures, balloon blowing, chocolate mouse sampling and lots of laughs. The man can certainly entertain. I can only hope that one day I will have half the success he has in the industry~

 Popping a bottle MOF style...

 Now where did it go?

 Making a chocolate centre piece

 Front row seats to the show got me a sprinkling of holographic glitter disco dust

 He actually made a chocolate painting

 Let me reiterate, this was a completely edible painting made completely out of chocolate~
He got us blowing up tiny balloons~ I could only manage one! Those tiny balloons are tough to blow up! Geez~
They were for dipping in chocolate to make these cute little cups to fill with chocolate mouse and fruit :)


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