Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chef Adam Schop of Nuela

I had the opportunity to sit and watch chef Adam Schop of Nuela Restaurant in NYC prepare some of his most popular dishes served today. Here are some of them we got to taste and sample :) His food served is Nuevo Latino, inspired by South American and Peruvian cuisines on his travels.

  "Ceviche Tipico"- Red Snapper in Peruvian lime dressing (Leche de Tigre), red onion and Cancha (Dried Peruvian Maize) fried in bacon fat

Chef's take on a Peruvian Lobster dish. Lobster poached in butter, garnished with fresh hearts of palm, swiss chard and cashews

 As for the Pièce de résistance:
"Arroz Con Pato"- Roasted aged duck breast, confit thighs & gizzards salad, seared foie gras, verde rice with a soft sunny side up duck egg

 His love of Spanish Paella brought about this wonderland of flavours that work so well together that New York Times thought it was one of the top 10 eats in 2010. I totally agree. Apparently 35 persons have come in and eaten that entire helping alone. One of them a famous actor here in NYC. Let me just stop right there and tell you- I can see how they could have done it. Throw in some of those bacon fat fried Cancha and see me take it down. I know. I have a problem~ Oh but its such a wonderful problem to have.

Just so you know, for those who are interested in the above dish, the restaurant churns out up to 50 a night. The serving above is for 2 persons normally and can be enjoyed at the following location.


43 W 24th St, New York 10010
(Btwn Broadway & 6th Ave)
Phone: (212) 929-1200

Pâte à Choux and Éclairs!!

Oh yes my petit choux... today we enter the glorious world of puffs. What is required for this journey I hear you ask? Well, a hearty appetite for all things sweet is a must, but the choux is not for the faint of heart when it comes to calories. As such, I strongly advise you to leave that at the gate before entering. You will also need lots and lots of arm power. I don't know about you guys sitting there reading this as I do all the work, but I for one will be ripped before this week is over. Muscles are developing in my arms where I never knew I had them. Mechanical leavening at its best as they say~~~

For those who don't have a clue as to what I'm talking about, Pâte à Choux forms a family of puffs and Éclairs. In this coming week, you will get to see most of all the traditional types made in France as we make them in the classroom. 

Today we learned to make the dough, how best to bake them and then assembled Éclairs :)

 The Holy Trinity of Éclairs- The Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla

 But first, the dough. Heat over a stove till butter has melted.
Tidbit: This is the only french dough that is cooked twice!

 Add in bread flour and furiously beat with a wooden spoon till a film forms on the base of the pan... 
Meanwhile, if you think we patissieres are the non-violent sort, think again. We join this profession we we get to vent our frustrations on a daily basis. True story.

 Beat in a mixer to remove steam and cool the mix down before adding up to 12 eggs one by one until desired consistency is met. Yes, I said 12. I did warn you these were decadent.

 Pipe the lil beauties out, as evenly as possible, egg wash them then score them with a fork to force a rise in the sides

 Out of the oven: tadah!

 Now flip them over and poke 2 holes on either end then fill with respective fillings, for today we lightened some creme patissiere with creme chantilly to form flavoured creme legeres. For those who did not follow the above, that translates to pastry cream lightened by folding in whipped cream and adding flavourings of choice- Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla

 Now we take those filled puppies and glaze them. Dip, rock, tap, tap, tap. Repeat.

 The aim is to create an even glaze on the top of the Éclairs but maintain a halo of pastry around the glaze as seen from above

Tip of the Day!
When baking in an oven at home, to promote a good rise and not to over bake the puff, preheat ovens to 500 degrees Fahrenheit or 260 degrees Celsius, place the puffs or eclairs in and turn off the oven. Let them sit in the hot oven for 10 minutes and then turn the oven back on to 360 degrees Fahrenheit or 176 degrees Celsius. Bake at that temperature for another 10 minutes or so or until puffs are brown all over. 

Leave them in the oven with the door cracked oven to dry out for another 5-10 minutes to prevent the steam within to turn the puffs soggy.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Around NYC

So, if you all thought that this blog was only going to be about what I learn in class, well, its not! I have been busy scouring the streets of NYC for good eats too. Afterall, the title is EatLoveBake... Its not a coincidence that Eat comes first #^_^#. Love, well, that's a continuous work in progress. Bake- you guys know that part already. So I thought that as I try to continue to cool down and wait for the temperature outside to drop, that I might tempt you with some of the mouth watering eats I have had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into~

 Pork and Chive Dumplings

 Omg. Good.

 Grimaldi's Pizza, we managed to cut the line and events happened afterward that involved wine and a cute Italian waiter. Perhaps I have said too much.

 A nice day involves Jacques Torres. Saturday was a good day.

 I don't blame you for wanting a closer look. Yes it really is Jacques Torres' chocolate shop.

 See? Told ya.

 Do you spot the words Wicked in red on the mirror? See the words Chilli? Ummhmmm.

 Frozen Wicked Hot Chocolate
So good it came with extras.
Beware the kick of the Ancho Chilli peppers.

 How convenient that the shop was right round the corner from this beautiful park beneath the Brooklyn Bridge!

 Also explored was the Willamsburg Smorgesburg- A farmers' and food market right next to the river. Amazing views. Great food.

 How could I forget the Rigatoni in Vodka sauce with Prosciutto... From up the street in a little deli on Broadway

 I have saved the best for last.
No need to thank me.

The doughnuts were thanks enough.

 Blood Orange Doughnut with Candied Orange

 Good things always end so quick :(...

 That's why I got one to go. 

 Mmmm... Passionfruit with Coco Nibs

 Ok and then I hunted them down and got some more today... This Nutella cream delight was enjoyed at Prospect Park as I people watched and caught up on my readings for class tomorrow

Oh I know I'm evil. Those doughnuts were from Dough in Brooklyn in case anyone now has the serious case of the munchies. Try the Hibiscus. Very scrumdillyumscious.

Ok my sweets. Till tomorrow. Toodles~

Hot hot hot~~~

Hey my lil sweet things... its been awhile! Been busy having exams and then exploring the city with new found friends :) Its been a crazy week as we wrapped up our tarts and cookies module. I got to meet Jacques Torres, we had a fire evacuation at school, our very first written and practical exam, not to mention the tons of tarts and cookies baked since I last updated, so lets get started shall we?

 Let begin with the Chocolate Bavarian Cream Tart, light smooth creamy Bavarian cream finished off with rosettes of whipped cream and Gianduja (hazelnut) chocolate curls

 Here we have my first attempt at latticework on a pie! We had to work extra fast as the spiced Linzer dough is very tender and the intense heat of late doesn't help

 Out of the oven: Bubbly freshly made all natural raspberry jam filling

 Realised that I never take a sliced shot so I took one when tasting the pie when I got home... yum.

 Here are the makings of quick apple tartlets with the first use of caramel~ We poured caramel into the base of tartlet molds and then placed sliced apples on top along with a sucree dough hat to cover the apples

 Hint: Be very careful when unmolding molten caramel.
 You have been warned.

 I must admit, these were not my favourite somehow, but I hear the large ones are better so we shall see...

 Our second caramel of the day went into the making of this wonderful caramel walnut tart

 A very light crumb with a crunchy toffee nut centre... I was surprised at how the tart did not come out as sweet as expected! It was delicious.

 Yes, you saw right, its BACON BABY!

 Chunky thick cut bacon fried up to perfection... oh the smells that afternoon...

 Topped off with freshly grated Gruyère cheese

 Yes. It was good.

 Here we have some dried cherries soaking in a bath of warm orange juice. What are they for you ask?

 Well fudgy brownies of course~ Silly~~~
 Unfortunately we did not get to try these brownies as we had to evacuate the building due to a fire alarm. The 5th floor keeps smoking badly for some reason...

 Its not everyday you see this many chefs on Broadway!

Here's a couple of my classmates posing for the camera as we waited for the danger to clear~

Oh yes. The dreaded written and practical exam. I may have passed but I wasn't pleased. Here is my tray for the practical exam. Ganache tartlets, Bourbon-Pecan cookies and nut tart

Right now I'm coming to you from the furnace that is NYC... spending the day walking for hours in the hot sun may not been the best strategy afterall... waiting for the day to cool off.. please cool down. *pants*