Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bread Exam!

So, here is my tray presented for my bread exam. I made Croissants, Pain a Chocolat (chocolate croissants), Petits Pains and Lemon-poppyseed Muffins

 My croissant shaping has somewhat improved since last I made them~ Watching different chefs and their varying techniques help, as well as youtube videos of people rolling them poorly~ cautionary tales as to what NOT to do.

 Although yummy as is, I added elderflower syrup to the batter and the glaze of my lemon-poppyseed muffins for that extra moistness and floral note. So delicious. I made a regular batch and brought them for my roommate's birthday celebration that very evening and they went down a treat! :)

 My Petits Pain, I really liked how this particular roll came out. They are to be shaped like rugby balls and scored just before baking, sprayed with water and loaded into a hot oven with a tray of ice on the bottom to inject steam to promote a good crust formation

Quick Tip - Once out of the oven, try to flip breads around to let the steam evaporate out, as if not, the middle of the roll or loaf will turn soggy!

We really used alot of trays that day!

I was really pleased with my results this module! I got my first 100% on my written test and a 96 for my practical which entitled me to my first A+ :) I'm working hard to keep improving and I'm glad its finally showing in my grades.

We have since been making Petits Fours (small bite-sized desserts) and in fact, we are going to have our Petits Four exam tomorrow!! We were allowed to choose whatever we wanted to make for this exam, and I have chosen a somewhat ambitious menu of 3 items and one item that we are to make with our partner. How it goes? You will just have to tune in tomorrow to find out!!

I'll be sure to update on all the pretty little desserts we have been making in the Petits Four section soon. I know I have been a little stagnant on the blogging, but life had me a little overwhelmed and I am finding my little ways of coping through all the nuances and tart bitterness within of late which perhaps could be from all the lemons life has been throwing at me. Most importantly though, one has to continue putting one foot in front of the other and move forward. A slower pace maybe but progressing forward nonetheless. I shall persevere.

Oh yes, speaking about progressing, I have confirmed my internship! I am now an extern at Public :) I recently conducted an interview with head chef Brad Farmerie who has previously participated in Iron Chef America btw and is one of the top 25 chefs in NYC now I believe. I did one night shift last week and got to plate desserts for important people, plate a mini sampler display for a wedding party and cheese plate! Not to mention helped scoop ice creams, make a jalapeno-passion fruit sorbet and a huge-ass portion of focaccia bread dough that consisted of an entire sack of bread flour.

 Sticky Toffee Pudding with warm caramel sauce topped with Armagnac ice cream and a lemon chip

 White chocolate and pink pepper corn panna cotta topped with a strawberry sheet, fresh strawberries on a cilantro reduction and served with salted strawberry sorbet

 Yuzu cheese tartlet with candied macadamia nuts, sesame tuile served with coconut ice cream and garnished with microgreens

 Little sampler plate for the wedding tasting~ Isn't it cute?!

Needless to say, this is the cheese plate consisting of 4 different cheeses paired with cherry compote, mango chutney, quince jelly and I can't quite remember the last one...

I'll refresh my memory on Sunday when I go back to work a 9-5pm shift. Its pretty intense working the weekday shifts as I am on my feet literally for 19 hours straight. So I'm hoping it'll be one weekday a week and one of the weekend days... but its yet to be confirmed and also depends on my school schedule. Yawn~ as you can tell, there are more things to come but I will still continue to try to update as much as possible! So stay tuned and thanks for being on this journey with me so far~


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