Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My first Ham and Cheese Croissant...

 Nothing starts the day like a toasted everything bagel with cream cheese and lox with a cup of coffee. Yes everything we made ourselves. Apart from the cream cheese and smoked salmon~

 I may never eat a plain croissant again... Not after having ham and cheese croissants... as well as the chocolate ones we make in school... heaven in a pastry.

I don't know why these aren't made and sold in stores! I know I'll be selling em' in time...

 Ahhh the trusty baguette... delicious. Utterly so.

 Need I say more?

The before shot as they proof~

We also made this yummy tart of caramelised onions, chunks of bacon, gruyere cheese and a cheesy custard poured over. Too good. I carried this home in a make shift oven air carrier as it was fresh out of the oven and piping hot... could see the entire train cart tempted by the wafting smells... All I can say is... I dove right in the minute I got home and think I felt my taste buds tingle in delight a little... ok, alot.

 Chef Christopher! He's such a hoot! 

Oh yeah, we almost burnt down the school today with a little oven fire~ The whole school evacuated! Here's some of my cheeky lil classmates along with Chef Judy~ We love Chef Judy~ (she's the one on the extreme right with the really tall hat) :)

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