Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Back!!

Hello my lovelies... Sorry its been so long, busy, been in a funk after 2 months of butter, sugar and flour binging slowing me down. Not to mention my internet has been on the fritz AGAIN~ I know!!

I have to say, I have been getting more familiar with the city now, the lay of the land, where to get things cheaper, fresher, faster... everything is still a major inconvenience don't get me wrong- I'm just finally getting used to it.

Think the 2 month mark here is the first breaking point for quite a few of us in the program, regardless of whether or not we are new to the city. The intense nature of the syllabus, exams each week total immersion and the pace at which we have been advancing has been taking its toll on us. But you know what? There is no time for that now. Gotta push forward! Living the dream people, I'm living the dream!! So, no complaints. Only going to use whatever energy I have each day to push ahead and absorb as much as I possibly can. For this, I have invested in more vitamin C, trying to change up my diet to veges and salads and take my supplements. Be the best you can be.

Did you guys like the song? I got some lovely feedback from some of u and it makes my day.. I will try to update more and include some other non pastry related blogs every now and again to not bore you guys... Don't be shy, let me know what you like and don't like so I can keep improving the ol' blog~

Ok so back to the baking though~ Alot has been done recently, we went through the cake module and have now actually advanced into Level 2~ Which starts with another bread section *danger danger* Yes. You all know what that means. Carb overload. My Kryptonite.

What have you guys been missing out on?

 The Marjorlaine

 Oh yes. Those are 8 layers my friend.

 Chocolate creams, hazelnut praline, layers of meringue and a final layer of cream...

 The entire thing is frozen so its easier to make clean cuts into a pyramid shape

 My scraps~

 Once it has been trimmed, a final chocolate glaze is poured over and once semi set, make pretty indentations 

 Be sure to have a plastic wrap beneath to catch all the excess glaze for an easy clean up!

 Doesn't it look like a chocolate pillow?

I think I forgot to mention the layer of booze soaked cake on the bottom... Just cos.

 Lemon segments! In a cake!

 So yummy. Lemon pound cake with whole lemon segments within for that sour punch! Glazed with a lemon icing on top when still warm... heaven.

The Dacquoise

 Very simple. Make a stiff meringue. Fold in nut flour carefully not to deflate.

 Pipe meringue out into 6 discs, draw a circle on a piece of parchment and flip it over as a guide first!

 Stack all 6 up onto each other and trim them to size so they are all even and ready for the coffee buttercream icing

Pipe the coffee buttercream within each layer, making sure they are all even and ice the entire cake making sure the sides and top is even. Pipe rosettes evenly on the top and add candied almonds around the base of the cake.

A little too sweet and buttery for my liking, but the texture is really unique with meringue~

 Remember the Genoise? Well we made a chocolate one~

 It was actually pretty good! Esp when soaked with orange rum. OOoooh Yesss.

 THEN... layered with chocolate cream between layers and glazed with chocolate...

 Oh that beautiful glaze. So shiny you can see your face in it.

 When still warm, stick on cocoa nibs round the base of the cake for decoration

 These are ladyfingers... light egg foam sponge... yummy.

 These are ladyfingers inside a ring mold~ Why?

 Because it is going to be filled with a luscious yet light pear mousse

 As if by magic... it stands by itself!

 This was sooooo good. Pear goodness in a cake.

 What is this? Metal mesh? Yesh.

 Chocolate pattern- check!

 Frozen and covered in cake batter and baked~

 Ooooo... I know you're as impressed as I was! Yet it was so simple!

 Filled with alternating layers and rings of white and dark chocolate mousse

 Oh yes.

Delicious. Topped off with whipped cream shells and lines and cocoa powder to represent what's within.. oh so yummy.

 Thin layers of cake and jam...

 Lined up inside a cake ring

 A wonderful cassis mousse... My favourite flavour. So tart and yummy!

 Filled and smoothed... after this, it is glazed with more cassis puree jelly and decorated with blueberries... unfortunately I don't have a photo of that as this cake... long awaited may it be... was dropped by my room mate and her friend before I got a chance to take the photos or cut into a slice :(... 

 Ready for more fun with cake and jam?

 Here, we lined the inside of a bowl and filled with a bavarian cream

 I give to you~ The brain cake.

 What's up doc?

Carrot Cake with cream Cheese Frosting~~~ Cute huh?? Too bad this also got dropped by the room mate and pal before I got to try it :(...

 More things made that I didn't have the time to take photos of the process of~ Its hard when you have chocolate to pour and swipe with an offset spatula at once... no hand left for photo taking I swear!
Sacher Torte- Layers of chocolate cake, apricot jam and finished with a chocolate glaze

 The Dobos- Dobos cake, buttercream frosting, topped with more Dobos cake coated in caramel

 Layering at its best

 Chocolate flourless cake frosted in chocolate cream and decorated with chocolate meringue logs... soooo good. Trust me. The meringues here get better with time in the fridge! Brittle on the outside... chewy in the middle.. sooo good.

 Hazelnut cake layered with hazelnut cream, decorated by chocolate shards

And with that folks, we end the section on cakes... for now... as well as Level 1~!!!

Tip of the week!
Properly prepare a cake tin by brushing generously with softened butter, and a sprinkling of flour, making sure to thoroughly coat the inside of the tin and tapping hard on the table to remove any excess flour. A circle of parchment can also be added to the base so the cake doesn't stick to the tin

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