Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Paris-Brest, Swans and Profiteroles

Helloooo my lovelies, I'm being good and updating on time as you can all see... Today we had another day playing with all things pate a choux. First we made Paris-Brest which is a traditional french pastry, a ring of choux filled with cream and made to resemble a bicycle wheel. It was created to honour the famous bicycle race from Paris to Brest, thus the name~

Next, we made profiteroles which are little puffs filled with ice cream :) a puff ice-cream sandwich if you must. Followed by Cygnes or swans.

 The Paris-Brest- choux covered with almonds and baked then filled with praline mousseline

 Piping of the choux dough in rings

 A little egg wash and they are sprinkled with almonds

 Once out of the oven and cooled, the ring is sliced in half horizontally

 Paris-Brest cream is then piped in a pattern all around

The Finale

 Cute lil puff~

 Cut them in half, fill them with freshly churned creme anglaise, drip over molten chocolate and dig in. I know, they were so innocent a moment ago.

 Moving on to swans...

 We pipe out our swan bodies by creating large teardrop choux and piped heads and necks 

 Once baked, we cute the choux in half, top half in half again and assembled~

 Within, we filled with pastry cream on the bottom followed by pineapples with lime zest and topped off with creme chantilly

Cute huh?

Tip of the Day!
When piping choux, always try to minimise the tail on top of the choux. If however, you find yourself with the little tails, simply make an egg wash and brush the tails down. Also, scoring the choux with a fork will help for a more even rise all round. Try it! 

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  1. The Paris-Brest looks wonderful!