Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chef Adam Schop of Nuela

I had the opportunity to sit and watch chef Adam Schop of Nuela Restaurant in NYC prepare some of his most popular dishes served today. Here are some of them we got to taste and sample :) His food served is Nuevo Latino, inspired by South American and Peruvian cuisines on his travels.

  "Ceviche Tipico"- Red Snapper in Peruvian lime dressing (Leche de Tigre), red onion and Cancha (Dried Peruvian Maize) fried in bacon fat

Chef's take on a Peruvian Lobster dish. Lobster poached in butter, garnished with fresh hearts of palm, swiss chard and cashews

 As for the Pièce de résistance:
"Arroz Con Pato"- Roasted aged duck breast, confit thighs & gizzards salad, seared foie gras, verde rice with a soft sunny side up duck egg

 His love of Spanish Paella brought about this wonderland of flavours that work so well together that New York Times thought it was one of the top 10 eats in 2010. I totally agree. Apparently 35 persons have come in and eaten that entire helping alone. One of them a famous actor here in NYC. Let me just stop right there and tell you- I can see how they could have done it. Throw in some of those bacon fat fried Cancha and see me take it down. I know. I have a problem~ Oh but its such a wonderful problem to have.

Just so you know, for those who are interested in the above dish, the restaurant churns out up to 50 a night. The serving above is for 2 persons normally and can be enjoyed at the following location.


43 W 24th St, New York 10010
(Btwn Broadway & 6th Ave)
Phone: (212) 929-1200


  1. The duck dish was amaaaazing!!

  2. OMG! i get weak in the presence of these beauties....

  3. Is that you Helen?

    As for you CP, come visit me!