Saturday, June 25, 2011


On Friday, we started cakes! Our resident chef instructor couldn't make it so we had a replacement teacher yesterday~ So it was certainly different.

We started with the making of the Genoise, the cake that every patissiere must know how to make and make well. The challenge is in getting the right amount of rise and texture as this is a very light cake made by beating up a whole egg foam and pouring in softball stage sugar into the mix and whisking up to form a very very light foam. Flour is then double sifted and folded in gently in 3 additions. It then has to be baked immediately to retain its volume. In this time, the oven doors must not be opened for the first 15 mins of baking to prevent any collapse of the cake, yes it is that delicate! We then proceeded to make our very first butter cream which we used to coat and decorate the cake.

The Genoise

 The flour has to be sifted once, then sifted again above and onto the egg foam mix to be folded into the batter

 The cake tin has to be very well buttered and floured, tapped hard upside down to remove all excess flour. Also a small circle of parchment is placed at the bottom of the pan to ease removal

My Genoise. Not bad for a first attempt! But it could be an inch or more taller~

 To assemble the cake, it is cut into 3 layers

 Cutting the layers into equal thickness is an art form. One I aim to perfect in time.

 A ring of butter cream icing is then piped around the edges roughly and a layer of raspberry jam is spread within

 Here's how it looks within!

 Oh yes, each layer was also given a soaking of simple syrup~ yummy.

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  1. Look very yummy wish I could ve a big bite into each to taste it .