Thursday, May 19, 2011

Exam Time Yaaa'll~~~

Yes it is indeed time for our very first exam~ Tomorrow brings to a close, our second week in school, a celebration of 8 busy busy days in class baking up a storm.. It also marks our first exam day, a sanitation exam to be exact... I know I know.. how exciting can that be right? Well it kinda is! Between all the boring details and terminology is plenty of horror stories and great tips on how to stay healthy when eating out, or when cooking in your own kitchen, down to the most efficient layout of a kitchen.

I'll be sure to be back and give everyone an update very soon~ just wanted to stop by to let you guys know to check back real soon for more yummy pics and tips as I make the time this weekend to do a post :)

As for now I wish you all goodnight and sweet dreams... Hope all goes well for the paper tomorrow!


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