Monday, May 30, 2011

Around NYC

So, if you all thought that this blog was only going to be about what I learn in class, well, its not! I have been busy scouring the streets of NYC for good eats too. Afterall, the title is EatLoveBake... Its not a coincidence that Eat comes first #^_^#. Love, well, that's a continuous work in progress. Bake- you guys know that part already. So I thought that as I try to continue to cool down and wait for the temperature outside to drop, that I might tempt you with some of the mouth watering eats I have had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into~

 Pork and Chive Dumplings

 Omg. Good.

 Grimaldi's Pizza, we managed to cut the line and events happened afterward that involved wine and a cute Italian waiter. Perhaps I have said too much.

 A nice day involves Jacques Torres. Saturday was a good day.

 I don't blame you for wanting a closer look. Yes it really is Jacques Torres' chocolate shop.

 See? Told ya.

 Do you spot the words Wicked in red on the mirror? See the words Chilli? Ummhmmm.

 Frozen Wicked Hot Chocolate
So good it came with extras.
Beware the kick of the Ancho Chilli peppers.

 How convenient that the shop was right round the corner from this beautiful park beneath the Brooklyn Bridge!

 Also explored was the Willamsburg Smorgesburg- A farmers' and food market right next to the river. Amazing views. Great food.

 How could I forget the Rigatoni in Vodka sauce with Prosciutto... From up the street in a little deli on Broadway

 I have saved the best for last.
No need to thank me.

The doughnuts were thanks enough.

 Blood Orange Doughnut with Candied Orange

 Good things always end so quick :(...

 That's why I got one to go. 

 Mmmm... Passionfruit with Coco Nibs

 Ok and then I hunted them down and got some more today... This Nutella cream delight was enjoyed at Prospect Park as I people watched and caught up on my readings for class tomorrow

Oh I know I'm evil. Those doughnuts were from Dough in Brooklyn in case anyone now has the serious case of the munchies. Try the Hibiscus. Very scrumdillyumscious.

Ok my sweets. Till tomorrow. Toodles~

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