Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Song

Hello my darlings... I know, I know sugar paste flowers are yet to come~~~ I'll try to post tomorrow...

The first week of work has tuckered me out!! Not to mention all my housekeeping that has been neglected for weeks that had to be done today... I would really like to rise up to the point where I don't have to do my own laundry when it comes to my chef whites haha Yes, that is the reason why I would like to make it as a pastry chef, so I don't have to do my own laundry *shakes head at self* I'm delirious. There has been alot of eating today. ALOT. *ashamed*

I was told that you aren't really a true New Yorker, until you run out of clothing from the lack of time to do laundry and have to go buy new clothes. I can say then, that as of this week, I am officially a true New Yorker!  However, I finally got the time to do my laundry today, but of course, forgot to add dryer sheets and now I may own the world's biggest pile of static-y clothing. Its been awhile. Plus back in humid hot Singapore there ain't a reason to have to use em'~~~ So yeaahh... you may want to avoid coming close to me for the rest of the month in fear of getting zapped :( As if I need any more reasons for people to be far away from me *sobs*

Anyways just thought I would drop in and say hi real quick *hi* cos I would like to get back to posting more regularly~~~ Think my new year's resolution is to be more disciplined and to get fit. Lord knows the job requires it. I forgot what it feels to be working in the kitchen... which basically, is what I imagine being 90 feels like.

With the year coming to an end real fast, there has been lots of Christmas specials on tv. Just caught the latest episode of Glee and man, were they singing up a festive storm~ I love Christmas carols... and to take a break from all that baking, here's one of my favorite that I recorded~ Click on the link below to play the song~ Its not great, but sounds slightly better through headphones, and I hope you like it!

 Christmas Song - Tricia Lim

Happy Holidays everyone :)


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