Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sugar Pastillage Showpiece

Hi all, here are some pictures of my sugar cakestand from Level 2. Chef Chris gave us free reign on the theme so we could do anything we wanted basically. I figured, since I was going to work with sugar, my theme would be "Its a sweet life". We made and worked with pastillage made from scratch. Lots of 10X sugar, gelatin and vinegar. Its almost like fondant except that it starts drying and cracking immediately once it's rolled. So, key here is to work fast. Work like the wind. Infact, we had to work like hurricane winds due to a day lost due to the hurricane here!

 Guess who finally made it onto my blog!! lol

 We had to make 2 boxes so here are mine, my favourite Fraisier cake :) I wish it could have been done much cleaner but unfortunately I didn't have time due to the day lost because of the hurricane...

 This was meant to be my second favourite cake the Black Forest, but I had to make do with these cute lil coffee beans instead!

 Here is the main stand. The main pillar is a marshmallow column which can be seen in the background behind the middle lollipop. The cake stand is a round piece of pastillage that I punched holes out of and for each one, created a scalloped edge so that once dried, I could hang little cherries from to make the piece a little more interactive.

 The base of the stand was done by marbling pastel shades of pastillage

All sweets and candies all made with coloured pastillage

 I did mention this was to be a cakestand yes? So guess what this is! 
We were given Styrofoam cakes for this project due to the lack of time, I cut mine in half and a hole in the middle. Then came the fondant. It is always hard to colour fondant dark brown! It takes alot of colour to do so and alot of time to knead it all in. It was not until I was about to cover the cake when I realised I had no idea how I was going to do it because of the hole in the middle!! Eventually I developed a technique to do so and then came the issue with making realistic chocolate glaze~ Eventually it all came together thank goodness! The sprinkles were tiny pieces of pastel pastillage~~~

Woot! It stands!!



  1. this is so pretty. found you while planning my own project

  2. This is cute! However, do you think a stand like this would hold the weight of an actual cake? Just wondering.